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Reviews should reflect your individual experience using the specific product, giving details on likes and dislikes. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to reject any review containing inappropriate language, offensive or discriminatory content not suitable for public forum as solely determined by us. There should be no advertising content, other product references, offers of any type, references to any other websites, email addresses, URL’s, addresses and phone numbers or contact information, false representations of affiliations with other companies or individuals.
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You agree to warrant and represent all content belonging to you or generated by you that you upload or transmit in any way to the Shygirl website or related social media sites, including documents, reviews, photographs, audio recordings, videos, messages, posts and other forms of content transmission will be accurate, not misleading, true, of no harm to any other individual or company including their rights of privacy, is free of infringements of trademark, patent, copyright, is legal in all respects under any laws, does not breach any nondisclosure agreements, is not defamatory, contains no obscenities, is not offensive to any religion or race, contains no abusive or threatening content, or anything deemed to be harassment in any way to any other party, contains no computer viruses or otherwise damaging programs or files, is not for purposes of soliciting other types of business nor is the beneficiary of compensation from any third party, contains no contact information or references to third party websites or social media platforms.
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Any content provided by users to Shygirl is done so with the knowledge that Shygirl is being granted worldwide usage, in perpetuity, license and royalty free and such content is not confidential or proprietary in any way. Shygirl may use any such content at its sole discretion. Shygirl is not liable for any compensation for any such material or content unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Shygirl has the right to use, edit, modify, reproduce, distribute and display all such content worldwide on any chosen platform and there is no objection from the provider thereof. Furthermore, the provider indemnifies Shygirl against any claim from any third party relating to unauthorised use. Shygirl shall not be expected to be aware of any unauthorised use, and assumes all content provided by users has no such breaches in any way.
Any opinions, suggestions, recommendations, ideas, proposals or otherwise provided to Shygirl by users is done so without any expectation of compensation on the part of the provider.
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